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Mom Backpack Diaper Bag Back Pack for Moms (multiple color options)

Mom Backpack Diaper Bag Back Pack for Moms (multiple color options)

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I'm obsessed with the convenience of this mommy backpack diaper bag!  It wraps style, comfort, and ease into one item for every busy mom.  The numerous storage compartments and multiple zippers to the main storage make this a must have resource for mommies on the go!

  • Mom bag includes hot and cold storage to keep bottles, sippy cups, and snacks temperature controlled.
  • Zipper closure along the top of the backpack diaper bag. 
  • Multiple zippers to the main compartment for easy access!
  • Backpack with storage pockets everywhere! 
 Width Depth Height
10.24" 5.9" 16.54"


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