Fall 2020 Mommy Faves

Fall 2020 Mommy Faves

For me, fall means sipping hot chai lattes by the fire place and pulling the scarves, sweaters, and boots from the spare closet.  For the kids, fall is a new box of crayons, a fresh haircut, and pumpkins!  The leaves have started falling, the night breeze has a little chill, and I can smell it in the air *happy dancing*.  Fall is just around the corner my friends! 

Here are some of the things I'm falling for this fall:

  • Cliché I know...Pumpkin Spice!

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I felt your complaints when Starbucks introduced Pumpkin spice in August this year...I mean, August?!  I was still eating watermelon and wakeboarding.  But now that we're half-way through September I've fallen and I can't get up! 

  • Loving Leopard Print

Seriously nothing more adorable than a little babe in some leopard print!  Add your own twinning flare with some mom leopard print flats!  Seriously falling head over heels...or flats!
  • All About Almond Blossom 

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This is such a subtle, warm, and refreshing scent!  I'm definitely falling for this one.  Candle, hand soap, body wash, lotion...check!

  • Layers for the Littles

Don't be so quick to put away all your favorite summer threads!  Chances are, your little is going to outgrow them before next season and they won't be making another appearance.  Keep your favorite summer pieces and simply add layers!  Pair a cute summer dress with a cardigan and some ruffle icing leggings or tights!    


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